Choose your own combination Clamshell Necklace

Choose your own combination Clamshell Necklace


 Pick a front image, pick a inside message and stone. Let me know in the form that pops up when you order it and I will make your perfect combination.

I make each handmade Clamshell necklace from Recycled Sterling Silver, a gemstone or Swarovski crystal bead and a  Sterling Silver chain. I Roller printed a pattern using an original etching for the front of this faux locket. Inside the hidden message "You are Loved".  Comes with swarovski crystal or gemstone. 

For over twenty years I have been making jewelry, most recently, blending my love of words and humor with my sassy nature to make jewelry that is both powerful and whimsical. I truly love doing this work and I strive to embed that into each and every piece. Each Clamshell necklace is made from 90% recycled sterling silver!



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