F*ck / Fuck Cancer Sterling Silver Cuff

F*ck / Fuck Cancer Sterling Silver Cuff


I make this cuff two ways, one with the U and one with an * (for the delicate flowers).

Yep, I said it. Wear your fierce heart in public to support yourself or your loved one. It has been amazing the people I have met while putting my F Cancer  items out there in the world. Not wanting this much fierceness? Try a clamshell with the words hidden inside.  

Wear the words that inspire your everyday! This Recycled Sterling Silver Cuff is comfortable enough to wear every day and stacks great with other bracelets and cuffs. Cuff comes sized sm/med which fits most women's wrist sizes. It is 5mm wide and 2mm thick, a nice thickness that will wear well (not too flimsy) but feels nice and comfortable. I have customers that collect these because the thickness keeps the cuff from mis-shaping or breaking! Each Cuff is hand stamped, one letter at a time, so there will be slight variations in spacing and the letters. It also includes my raven makers mark, and a sterling silver mark. 

All purchases are exchangeable.

If you don't put a size in the Notes section of your order I will send the S/M size. 
XS - If your wrist is 6 1/2" around or smaller, order this size in the notes section
S/Med - My most popular size. Fits most women. If you are buying a gift, get this size. I can always exchange it later if need be. 
L - For 8" wrists
XL - 8 1/2" and up

This one is dedicated to Kathey, who loved the sentiment but didn't want a t shirt. 

Laughing Raven Design donates to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 

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