"Wonder Woman" Leather Cuff

"Wonder Woman" Leather Cuff


This is for you, your Sister, your Mother, or any other woman who is the superhero of your story. Unabashedly powerful, you rock this cuff and unleash your own Wonder Woman. 

There are two cuffs offered here with different backgrounds, one with red edging, one black. That is how I have differentiated them on buying.

SIZING - I have a "Standard" size that fits most women. I have a small wrist 6" and my standard size fits me comfortably but doesn't spin. This size works up to 7". If you need bigger or smaller, just let me know. There is no charge and all of my work is guaranteed. We can always switch it out if we guess wrong. My sizing is SM (wrists under 6") Standard (6"-7") Large (7"-8") xl (8" and above).

Edging color:
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